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Dragons of Cadia Series
The Dragons of Cadia Bundle
Get all six of these scorching-hot fire-breathers in this complete boxed set. Six powerful, protective dragons seeking out their mates in a quest for love.

These dragons may be all powerful among their own kind, but when it comes to women, they may find they've just met their match. Cadia is a shifter territory set apart from humanity, but that doesn't make them invincible. Even the mightiest can be heartbroken, and even those passed over can rise to the top if someone they love is threatened.

The lure of a fated mates is strong, and these dragons had better be ready to defend them, because their enemies are growing more powerful, and they won't hesitate to strike where the scales are weakest: Their hearts.

Contained in this collection are the following full-length novels: Frost Dragon, Fire Dragon, Electro Dragon, Gale Dragon, Fume Dragon, Aurum Dragon

Warning: Contains fearsome dragons with amazing powers, human mates stronger than the hardest scale, sizzling love scenes, and a whole lot of good old fashioned fun!

Base Camp Bears Series
Base Camp Bears: The Box Set
Six complete sexy & strong shifter romances. Full of action, mystery, intrigue, and of course happy endings for all but the bad guys.

These bears were born to lead, and born to love. A battle-tested brotherhood, the Base Camp Bears can find love anywhere, even in the darkest of times. With everything on the wire, they will have to go to unbelievable lengths to find and protect their mates. Non-stop action, heart-pounding suspense and a love that will have steam coming out of your ears, these bears have it all. Though their enemies may have it out for them, these bears may just find that their biggest enemy is themselves...

This box set contains:

Luther - Book 1, Aksel - Book 2, Jarvis - Book 3, Garrin - Book 4, Kiefer - Book 5, Gabriel - Book 6

Koche Brothers Series
Blackjack Bears: Pierce (Book #1)
Pierce Koche wasn’t sure where his future led. There didn’t seem many options open to him. After all, he was one of the Koche Brothers, the infamous Blackjack Bears. As the youngest of five, he often found himself dragged along with them wherever they went. The latest place he’s ended up is in shifter jail. Resigned to live out his days behind bars, he’s caught off guard when a group of humans breaks them out. But that’s all Pierce can remember. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up in a forest to see her hovering over him, her lovely brown eyes filled with worry.

Mila Chaire isn’t happy with her life. The company she works for has become something she resents. The jobs she’s being assigned lately have moved further and further into the gray area of what’s legal and what’s not. So she’s taken to renting cabins on the outskirts of her hometown of Longhorne to get away from the stress of it all. On a morning jog she comes across a limp form that will change her life forever. But only if she can convince him not to kill her the instant he wakes up…

The animal in Pierce doesn’t want to follow her into the city; it’s too oppressive and lacking the gentle touch of nature. The man in Pierce doesn’t want to admit his weakness in front of a beautiful woman. But the brother in him will do anything to find his family and bring them back together. A shocking revelation will test his devotion to Mila, but strained as their emotions might be, he knows she’s not just his only hope, but also the only woman he’s ever loved.

Wing Her Over
A Fated Mate Romance
Andrew Raskell had life just the way he wanted it. As a gryphon shifter and ambassador from his homeland of Cadia to the small human town of Cloud Lake, life is peaceful and uneventful. Mostly. But when he comes upon a wolf shifter trying to harm a human woman, his intervention changes everything. He never thought he’d see the short, blonde haired woman again, but a second chance meeting proved to him that it must be fate. Now, if he could only show her that he was right for her.

Karri Blaine had everything figured out. From a young age she’d driven herself harder than anyone else in the quest to take over her shifter-hating father’s company. The only problem? He wants to give it to her immature younger brother instead. All it will take is one slip up on Karri’s part and her father will have the reason he needs to strip her of her role within the company. Karri knows that she shouldn’t invite the shifter into her life. Not after what happened to her family two years before. This could be the opening her father needs, but she’s blinded by the sexiest, strongest man she’s ever met.

Her father isn’t the only problem that Karri needs to worry about. Andrew has unknowingly dragged her into the crosshairs of those who are gunning for his job, and they’ll stop at nothing to get there. Andrew is playing for keeps though, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart, no matter the cost to him…

Bad Dad
Big Bad Wolf Dad
Harden Archer had lost everything. His family, his friends, his homeland. Even his wolf. Now, living on the goodwill of the shifter territory of Cadia, he must find a way to recover from the torture he’s suffered in the past, become a productive member of society, and even find a mate. So when he receives a fancy invitation to the Shifter Ball, he decides that he’s going to go, even if it’s unlikely he’ll find a mate. But the moment his eyes land on the woman in the shimmering purple dress, he knows he was very, very wrong.

Erika Rey was wasting her time. She wasn’t even sure she wanted a shifter for a mate. She was already carrying the child of one within her, thanks to a villainous—but now destroyed—human corporation. Did she really want to bring another into her life? Saying no to the invitation wasn’t really an option though. The shifters of Cadia had given her food, clothing, and shelter. The least she could do is go to the Shifter Ball. But she wouldn’t dance with anyone. Certainly not the unbelievably gorgeous Harden, whose lean, hard muscle and pale green eyes speak of so much pain. Absolutely not. No way.

One dance later, the pair have hit it off, bringing smiles to both of their faces. The real challenge has just begun though. By associating herself with Harden, Erika finds out that she’s put a lot in jeopardy, including her unborn child. Not everyone likes the outsider, and several of them have made it their mission to run him out of town. Or else. But Harden is done backing down. It’s time to show them all who the big bad wolf in town really is.