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A Fated Mate Romance
Petal Olson was going right to the top of the corporate ladder. After nearly fifteen years of hard work, she’s now an executive at one of the biggest power companies on the West Coast. Her dreams are within reach, even if the journey has left her cold, distant, and single. When disaster strikes a critical hydro dam in a tiny community, it’s her job to be on the scene and supervise the recovery. Once there though, Petal quickly realizes things in sleepy little Surrey are anything but normal.

Alexander “Lex” Cronus is a werewolf and a power line worker. The forest-covered hills around his town allow him to run free and wild whenever he wants. He loves it, but lately he’s been wishing he wasn’t running alone. While he’s lived much of his life without a mate, when the big-time corporate hotshot arrives to coordinate the recovery efforts to his town’s power grid, Lex knows that everything has just changed.

When she uses her position to tag along on a survey expedition of the main line from the dam to the city, neither of them have any idea what will happen next. But after a second freak storm hits Surrey and they become trapped, Petal finds that all the authority in the world is useless. She must rely on the no-nonsense man who has already saved her life once if she hopes to get back alive. With the power out and the temperature outside dropping quickly, the temperature between the two starts to heat up.

Petal has a lot to learn about life in a small town, and even more to learn about this town. After all, things aren’t quite as they seem. Not even the weather…

This is a complete standalone story with no cliffhanger and a happy ending for everyone but the bad guys.

Furred Lines
A Fated Mate Romance
Aiden Lee’s temper and problems with authority have just caught up with him in a bad way. Assigned to a new pack, he’s told that if he can’t get control of himself there, then they’ll ensure he doesn’t cause any more trouble. Ever. Unfortunately, his old habits die hard, and when the honey-eyed blonde at the desk catches his eye, he knows he’ll have to do whatever it takes to claim her. She’s smart, sassy, and undeniably his mate. There’s just one problem…

Willow Pike has worked at her adopted father’s shipping company for a decade and a half, ever since she got back from college. Things there are stale, but they’re stable as well, and she’s okay with that. But when the new guy walks in, suddenly everything changes. Tall and handsome with a killer smile, she’s immediately hooked. He’s not like any of the other werewolves she knows. Unfortunately for both of them, the Alpha doesn’t want anyone new for his pack…or his daughter.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Aiden’s former Alpha has tasked him with finding out just what his new pack is up to. To do this he’ll need to show Willow’s father that he can run on the wrong side of the law, even as he’s trying to prove to Willow that he’s a good man. The line between right and wrong is blurry, and it’s easy to get lost. But with Willow by his side, Aiden just might be able to solve the mystery, escape with the girl, and prove to himself, his former Alpha, and his mate that he can be more than any of them dreamed.

This is a complete standalone story with no cliffhanger and a happy ending for everyone but the bad guys.

Dragons of Drake's Crossing
Hollie Fowler has given up all hope of living a normal life when she returns to Drake’s Crossing. She lives for her job, operating a heavy duty borer, Big Betty. Hired to run a train line through the nearby mountains, she hopes to breathe life back into her hometown. What she doesn’t know, is she’s about to stumble upon an ancient beast, one who stirs up feelings she’s buried so deep even Big Betty couldn’t hope to reach them.

When dragon shifter Obsidian is awoken from a peaceful slumber, he’s determined to teach someone a lesson. So what if he’s been asleep for a few centuries too long, he’s a dragon, master of his own destiny. Until he sees her. Feisty and unafraid, this human holds his fate in her small but capable hands.

Sparks fly as Hollie and Obsidian clash. Drawn to each other, yet intensely independent, they must find a way to work together…because the dragon wasn’t the only thing buried under the mountain. Can Hollie work alongside the blunt dragon, from another time, and save the town from a dark danger that has awoken? Will she tame his brash, reckless nature? Or succumb to his unimaginable power, which makes her heart race, and her body pulse with an ancient need of its own.