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The Outsiders
Crimson Dragons
Crimson Dragons: The Box Set
Now get the three books in the Crimson Dragons series in a complete box set!

Kallore, Corde and Vanek are the first three dragons awakened from deep sleep. They're asked to fight, but these fire-breathing monsters won't just help for free. They need to get paid, and more importantly, they need to find their mates.

The creatures facing these dragons are horrible and powerful beyond human imagination, but they've never been up against a dragon before. Life and light versus death and darkness. These ancient beings are lovers beyond compare, and in a fight for the human race, it will be their capacity to love that will show them how to win. If they can just figure out how before it's too late.

Read along as this trio of fiery warriors returns to a world that cast them out, in a quest for love and salvation that will have consequences the world over.

Included in this box set:

Dragon Temptation: Kallore, Dragon Seduction: Corde, Dragon Devotion: Vanek

Onyx Dragons
Dragon Fixation
Pretend to be the mate to a hunk who thinks he’s a dragon shifter? It’s not exactly what Corporal Carla Giannone signed up for when she joined the military, hoping to help protect those who didn’t have a voice. But his muscles and charm say yes, as does the forty-eight hours of leave that she just started. What could go wrong?

Awoken from his slumber and told that he’s to be used as a weapon by the human military, Thorne is growing angry. He should be asked, not told; his power as a dragon must be respected and feared. With his own interests in mind he convinces a gorgeous woman to help him trick those in charge to sending him on his way. Only he never expected it to be more than just a joke…

Ripped away from the unit that had become her family and stuffed into a downtown apartment suite with the so-called dragon shifter, Carla doesn’t know how to act. Especially when he comes to her and says that it wasn’t a joke after all. She really is his mate. Caught between her desire to return to the military and her burgeoning feelings for the dragon, Carla knows there must be a way she can have both. But will she find the answer in time?

Ice Dragons
Dragon Eruption
Cowl and his brothers have been awakened into a new world centuries after he accidentally buried them in an avalanche. While his two older brothers decide what the trio should do without him, Cowl strains at the leash to be able to make his own choices. He doesn’t need their rules, all he needs is the drop dead-gorgeous, green-eyed beauty behind the bar.

Lately Andria’s dreams of moving to the coast have taken on a new urgency. Events in her hometown have left her feeling exposed and vulnerable. All she needs to do is graduate, then she can leave everything behind. But when a sexy and mysterious stranger walks into her bar and her life, everything changes. It’s been a long time since someone looked at her the way he does, and suddenly Andria isn’t so sure she’ll be able to leave.

As much as Andria wants to leave, there are those who would see her go, for their own selfish and hateful reasons. They’ve concocted a plan to make that happen and are ready to carry it out. The only thing they didn’t factor in was the icy fury of a dragon shifter hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to claim his mate.

Emerald Dragons
Dragon Passion
When her family farm falls into Sandy Talbert’s lap, it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Her life in the city was over. She needed a change, and more importantly, she needed the solitude. Running a farm by herself is harder than it seems, and three years later she’s on the verge of being forced to sell to her jerk of a neighbor. The only thing standing between her and defeat is the odd offer made to her by a gorgeous stranger she barely knows.

Palin never expected to find his mate. He was on a mission, assigned to figure out if this war the humans were talking about was truly as serious as they claimed. Knowing how pathetic humans were, he highly doubted it. But an emergency stop for food at a local farmers market has thrown all his plans into disarray. Leaving his comrades behind, he ventures into the world of farms, famine, and intrigue beyond anything he could imagine. She needs his help, but Palin doesn’t know one end of a hoe from the other!

Determined to help her out, Palin agrees to plow her fields. It’s not what Sandy signed up for, but she can’t deny that he’s helpful—and hunky. If she can convince him to stay, she could finally turn a profit and stick it to her nasty neighbor. Can she do that while still maintaining her policy of not letting anyone into her life? And what about her neighbor? How will he react when he finds out his designs on her farm won’t ever come to fruition?

Cobalt Dragons
Dragon Blood
When word reaches Kaitlyn Harver that her boss wants her in his office now, she starts to panic. How could he know? She hasn’t told a soul. All she wants is to do her job and climb the corporate chain. Leapfrogging the other senior directors by accompanying her boss on a private jet to another continent isn’t how she imagined doing it. Especially not after how things ended the last time they worked together…

When Aric finds out he must travel, there’s only one person he wants with him. Fun-loving and easy-on-the-eyes Kaitlyn. Not because of what happened before, but because he doesn’t want a dry, stuffy suit-wearer with him. His plans fall apart the instant they’re shut in the plane together and he realizes something about her has changed. She’s now more important to him than ever before. But what’s different?

Kaitlyn is determined to keep it a platonic trip to avoid workplace rumor and scandal when she returns. Resisting Aric, however, is harder than ever once they’re alone. He’s always been drop-dead handsome and buff, but now that they’re out of a corporate environment he’s showing her another side of him. The only question is, which one is the real him, and will that change her mind when it comes to revealing the secret she’s carrying?

Quicksilver Dragons
Dragon Marked
Speak now, or forever hold your peace…

Things aren’t going the way Hel wants them to, but maybe he should accept some of the blame. Seeing his mate on the altar about to marry the alpha of a local wolf pack is bound to spur anyone to extreme measures. He’s stood by for ten years while his inability to address his own emotions has paralyzed any progress with her. They might be best friends, but until he can learn to use his words, that’s all they’ll be.

Megyn Wekkle wasn’t an idiot. She knew there was tension between her and the broad-shouldered hunk she called her best friend. Someone else made a move when he wasn’t willing though, and now she’s consigned the “what-if’s” between her and Hel to the dustbin of her memory. What she never expected was that he would finally find his voice at the most inopportune time. Even worse, she can’t help but wonder if maybe he wasn’t the only one having a hard time confronting their feelings…

Hel’s actions have pissed off the entire wolf pack, and also the local dragon enclave representative. They need to get out, and get out fast. Hel may have caused the problems, but they’ve grown to envelop her as well. The longer they spend together, the more things between them begin to unravel, and a decade’s worth of thoughts and feelings come to the surface. Can they ride that turbulent wave to a new beginning together, or will the deeds of the past tear them apart?