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Thanks for digging in to my website for more books to read. I’ve written a number of series now, in two main worlds, as well as some standalones. Both of the worlds have an easy and convenient to read introductory bundle with a number of stories in it that will drag you right into the world.


Dragons have been awoken to help protect humans from creatures out of their nightmares. But they've got one condition before they'll fight: They must have a mate.

Crimson Dragons: The Box Set - Apple/Kobo/B&N | SeatoSky (Kindle)

Go to the Outsiders page for full series lists.


In this world shifters and humans live apart. Will imaginary barriers prevent real love? Start with:

The Dragons of Cadia Bundle - Apple/Kobo/B&N | SeatoSky (Kindle)

Click Here to go to the Cadia page for full series lists.

Genesis Valley

This is my first world, but also probably the most popular. There are a number of books in the series, and the order can jump around a bit. The best way to start is here:

Jade Crew: The Box Set - Apple/Kobo/B&N | SeatoSky (Kindle)

If you want the full reading order and list of books, click to go to the Genesis Valley page.


I have written several complete standalone books that are perfect if you’ve finished all the others and are looking for some more fun shifter tales to keep you occupied! Head on over to my Standalones page to check it out!